Learn to Love the River

Discover what makes the French Broad River so special and learn about the many ways it connects our community.


Hello river lovers! As you no doubt know, the French Broad River is home to many fantastic creatures, and one very impressive specimen is the Belted Kingfisher. In this week's issue we’ll be looking at this incredible bird that relies on the health of the river for survival. We hope you enjoy and learn something new!


Kingfisher: Death from Above

These beautiful birds are one of the most effective fishers on the river, and watching them dive for their prey is quite a spectacle. Kingfisher’s come in many varieties that can be found all around the world. In Australia you can find the Kookaburra by listening for it’s maniacal laugh. In Africa and Asia you’ll see the black and white Pied Kingfisher, and here in WNC you’ll find the beautiful Belted Kingfisher. Animalogic has created a great video giving a brief overview of these creatures, check it out and see these masterful fishers in action! 



We’ve created a handy fact sheet for this species, click below to learn more cool facts about the Belted Kingfisher.


Birding From Home

Birds can serve as a great way to connect with the outdoors while we’re all stuck at home. The Cornell Ornithology Lab understands the joy that birds can bring us in these trying times. They have put together TONS of resources for you to learn about and enjoy birds from your couch or backyard. Check out the link below for live bird cams, backyard birding tips, and fun activities to do at home!


A Little Dose of Inspiration

Another winning poem from this years Art & Poetry contest, this one comes to us from a 5th grader at Atkinson Elementary.


Your rushing water shines in the light

The amazing scenery is a wonderful sight

As your speckled trout swim upstream

Down the sun shines, it makes you gleam

You give me comfort, as much as I need

Your wonderful water calms me.

The beautiful mountains that surround you are a beautiful sight

To see

When you look at them you feel a life of ease.

The majestic waterfalls that you possess

Are the most amazing things, nonetheless

As the Blue Heron flies above, 

There is absolutely nothing else I can do but…


At the end of the day when the sun sets

Looking back from the start I have absolutely no regrets!

The is always a time where I must go

When the moon starts to rise and gives off a magnificent glow

And even when I am gone and the day is done, 

May your rapid currents continue to run


-Ava K.

Staying connected to the river and each other.

We are thinking of you all in these uncertain times and hope you are staying healthy and safe! Thanks to your generous support we are able to continue our Education, Water Quality and Land Conservation programs, but we couldn't do it without you!